Exhibition "Home, sweet home"

Heydar Aliyev Foundation, Yarat – Contemporary Art Space and the Musuem of Contemporary Art 
are glad to invite you to visit the “Home, sweet home” exhibition. The exhibition will take place at Contemporary Art Museum from 19th of September until 10th of October 2013. "Home, sweet home” exhibition captures painting, photography, installations, ceramics and sculpture, in brief, all stuff that somehow is related to “home” issues. All 14 authors of the artworks, everyone, of course, in his/her specific style, ponder on “heart and home” topic striving to depict a fundamentally new image-somewhat backed by a pleasant conventionalism nostalgy. They strongly focused on the world of household effects- simple and regular stuff, actual or just memorable and imaginary appliances. 

The exhibition represents the art pieces by Faig Ahmad, Faig Akbarov, Tahmin Ali, Chingiz Babayev, Rashad Babayev, Rasim Babayev, Ali Hasanov, Ramal Kazimov, Aida Mahmudova, Fakhriya Mammadova, Farid Rasulov, Fidan Seyidova, Sanan Alasgarov, Rashad Alakbarov. 

The home could be defined as a “safety island” you can take refuge in while escaping from hardship generated by the big and non-amicable world. It is precisely here we derive strength for work and prolific creation, it is here we return being ready to drop or just with the purpose of sharing our joy and accomplishments. The home demonstrates resemblance to the micro-Universe full of stuff, i.e. planets, and each planet is sparing with our memory of the miseries we went through as well as joyful moments.
The Museum of Modern Art
Date & time:
19 September - 10 October
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