Over 30 years Gymboree Play&Music company successfully develops creative skills and the feeling of self-confidence in children.  600 centres of Gymboree in 30 countries function at the moment that speaks about international leadership among developing programs for early childhood. The classes for different age groups, developed by the experts, promote in developing children’s cognitive, physical and social skills in the form of games. Those programs have been evaluated for the unique approach in attracting the parents promoting their participation in and awareness about child’s development process. In the environment, formed in the Baku centre of Gymboree, kids will be able to move, play freely and study their surrounding. The special equipment is developed by Jay Beckwith, a world-famous constructor of playgrounds with more than 30 years of experience. He thought over all what kid needs. The conditions, established for playing games, meet the highest standards demanded by the most strict parents for their children.  

    20 A. Jalilov, Baku
    Web site:
    (+994 12) 496-59-86
    (+994 12) 490-24-62

    «HappyLand» - a small country of fairy tales for children and their parents, where every visit is unusual and fascinating journey into the wonderful world of childhood. In the heart of the entertainment, the leisure was organized in such a way that the children’s smile and cheerful, mischievous laugh constantly pleasing their parents. Play Centre includes numerous attractions, fun slot machines, and many other activities that can diversify children's leisure.

    9, Neftchiler ave., Baku, «Park Bulvar» Shopping Centre, the 3rd floor
    (+994 50) 255-08-08

    In Kids Planet entertaining centre kids will find the latest entertaining devices: the latest video games, game machines, motor-racing ‘shooter games’, 6D cinema, laser labyrinth, a big playground and many others. The centre organizes unforgettable parties, festivities and birthday parties. “Mozaika”, the shop for kids toys, located here as well, offers the products of leading international manufacturers.

    Azadlyg ave., 28 Mall trade centre, the 4th floor, Baku
    (+994 12) 499-87-68

    KoalaParkis a unique entertainment complex inAzerbaijan, which both the kids and adults feel well.  Beautifully designed and safe rides are considered for all tastes: inflatable trampoline, slides, carousels, and a variety of swings. On the territory of «KoalaPark» it is possible to fly, turn into princesses, police officers, rockers, travel the fabulousSavannahand enjoy a great attraction “Family slides” where laughter and shouts of joy will give your senses better than any words!

    95, Azadliq ave., Baku
    Web site:
    (+994 12) 441-11-09

    Club «Limpopo» offers a fun and developing attractions: a maze with slides, tube, suspension bridge, obstacle course and a swimming pool with balls (for children up to 10 years). Trampoline, pool balls and soft slide, swing funny, funny train, a house designed for toddlers. A comfortable café serves children and parents. Children can be left at the club «Limpopo» and caring staff members will take care of them.

    28, M.Gashgay str., Baku
    (+994 12) 418-97-94

    Kind and comfortable atmosphere prevails in Magic Land entertaining club for kids in Baku letting your family spend really jolly and unforgettable time.  In this centre you may celebrate the birthday of your child, proms and New Year holidays. Funny clowns, entertainers, animal handlers and of course, kind educators are waiting for your kids here. Here the kids may run, jump, play, squall, through balls, in one word, splash out their energy as much as they want.

    37, Nakhchivani str., Baku
    (+994 12) 436-56-73
    (+994 55) 550-41-43
    (+994 50) 520-00-76

    Children enthusiastically spend time on the rides and games labyrinth under the supervision of the professional educators and organizers. Kids room of the Club Melek has been equipped accordingly according to age group of children from 1 to 10 years. It offers kids a maze game with a dry pool balls and a slide, a variety of toys and games, children's rides, automatic swinging, game machines. The club operates a children's beauty salon. The animation show program for children operates on Wednesdays from 19:00 to 20:00, Saturdays from 19:00 to 20:00 and Sundays from 18:00 to 19:00.

    At the club there is a cafe and Vip restaurant, where you can have family night, leaving the children play in the children's room.

    94, Mirali Gashgay str., Baku
    (+994 12) 541-24-94
    (+994 55) 386-88-88

    The children's entertainment centre “Tom & Jerry” offers your child many hours of exciting entertainment: he/she can play on a variety of slot machines or Zoom centre, have fun in the children's bowling or racetrack. There is a big monitor for fans of animation, and karaoke for young singers. Parents are free to carry out their business activities - professional educators will not leave even for a minute the children and organize for them interesting games. The Centre organizes and conducts fun and interesting celebrations, birthdays, children's parties.

    74, Acad. Hasan Aliyev str., Baku
    (+994 12) 441-36-24
    (+994 55) 563-99-74
  • TRIO

    Trio centre for kids aims to lessen worries of the parents who work, guaranteeing useful and joyful full day for their children. The three important directions of the development of kids’ world outlook – education, creativity and physical development – are combined in the centre. An education program, developed in the centre, will facilitate kids’ development in different areas. Hometasks will be done in a friendly environment with other children of the same age under the supervision of the qualified experienced teachers on all subjects. For the development of children’s general world outlook the centre organizes excursion to sights and historical places of the capital and Azerbaijan. They will meet interesting and well known persons of Azerbaijan and the representatives of the embassies who will inform the children about the culture, the cuisine, the language and the other sights of their country. 

    251A, D. Aliyeva, Baku
    Web site:
    (+994 12) 496-72-10
    (+994 50) 325-78-91
    (+994 50) 683-28-18



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