Travel news of Azerbaijan

  • Novruz holiday is here

    The most cheerful and long awaited holiday of Azerbaijan – Novruz Bayram is coming, bringing spring to the Land of Fire. The whole country will celebrate the start of the New Year- week-long celebration beginning March 20...

  • Enjoy walking at New Boulevard

    The first thing we want to see while traveling to different countries is to find and to visit its most famous sites and attractions, whether it's the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Rome with its Coliseum, or Rio de Janeiro with the statue of Christ the Redeemer...

  • Italian portal publishes article on Baku

    Italian portal has published an article entitled “Welcome to Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan”. The article says Baku, which is one of most beautiful cities in the world, is located at the crossroads of Europe and...

  • Bargain like professional in Azerbaijan

    Oh, the sweet word of discount flatters the ears of millions of people around the world. Azerbaijan is no exception. This time of the year when sales are all around, there is still a place for bargaining particularly in Baku...

  • Baku 2015: 100 days left

    Only 100 days to go before Baku's historic European Games scheduled for June. The inaugural sporting event will open in the newly-built brand Olympic Stadium in Baku on June 12. Through...

  • Sacred energy of Ateshgah temple

    While the bite of winter can still be felt, spring is most definitely on its way and soon Azerbaijan will be able to enjoy a much kinder and warmer weather; and this means everyone favorite holiday is around the corner - Novruz Bayram or the New Year...

  • Ilham Aliyev reviewed the progress of construction at Aghsaray hotel in Mingachevir

    President Ilham Aliyev has reviewed the progress of construction at Aghsaray hotel, which is being built on the right bank of the Kur River in Mingachevir. It was informed that the hotel covered an area of 2.5 hectares. The hotel consists of 5 blocks...

  • Modern Art Museum, Azerbaijan’s avant-garde art hub

    People interesting in art can’t put an end to their visit to Baku without taking a look at the Modern Art Museum. The museum that turns six years old this March is located at the Yusif Safarov street 5. About 1,000 works of Azerbaijani contemporary...

  • Flying down slopes of Shahdag

    Shahdag ski resort has once again witnessed the flying carpets on its slops. Riding homemade flying carpet is a unique creative and exciting winter show. The unforgettable entertainment with a lot of drive and extreme, called Red Bull...

  • Azerbaijani cyclist-traveler reaches Italy

    After a year of cycling, the courageous Azerbaijani cyclist, Ramil Ziyadov, has reached Rome, Italy. Cyclist-traveler Ramil set off a two-year journey in the name of Azerbaijan last January, hoping to pedal 45,000 kilometers across Eurasia and Africa.

  • Azerbaijan becomes official partner of Conde Nast Traveler Luxury Travel Fair

    Azerbaijan was elected the official partner of Conde Nast Traveler Luxury Travel Fair, for all aspects of tourism in 2015, to be held in Moscow, on March 17. Detailed information on the exhibition was placed on the website According to the article...

  • What a pity not to taste Piti

    The last month of winter is the time when we all need more energy to make our way to spring with its delicious and fresh fruits and vegetables. February is the ideal month for eating Azerbaijani scrumptious Piti...

  • World Conference on Tourism and Culture wraps up in Cambodia

    As earlier reported, the international event titled “World Conference on Tourism and Culture: Establishment of a new partnership” organized by the World Tourism Organization and UNESCO in Cambodian city of Siem Reap wrapped up...

  • Azerbaijan to participate at two international tourism exhibitions in March

    Azerbaijan Ministry of Culture and Tourism will participate at the “ITB Berlin 2015” International Tourism Exhibitions, to be held from March 4 to 8 in Berlin. According to the Ministry, Azerbaijan also will be represented at MITT 2015-Moscow...




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