Travel news of Azerbaijan

  • Promo video devoted to Azerbaijan shown on BBC

    A 30-second promo video named “Azerbaijan - This Journey Never Ends!” was shown on regional branch of the "BBC World News" International News Channel. The team headed by Sergey Stanovkin of regional commercial...

  • Take a dip into history of Azerbaijan

    Cold weather is not a good reason to keep you in the cozy room of your hotel while you are on a visit to Baku. On the contrary, it is the right time to visit numerous museums of the ancient city...

  • Tovuz, land of antiquity and grace

    The name of the city - according to the ancient Turkish written sources - descended from the merge of the names of two kindred Turkish tribes - Oguz and Toguz. That is why, it was fixed as a toponym. As one of the ancient regions...

  • Shahdag complex attracts 12,000 tourists during holidays

    More than 12,000 local and foreign tourists have enjoyed snow of Shahdag Winter-Summer Tourism Complex in Gusar region during the days-off marking the World Azerbaijanis Solidarity Day and New Year...

  • Let's ski in north of Azerbaijan

    Winter season with all its amusements is about to start in Azerbaijan. The season is a perfect time to enjoy cozy journeys and captivating entertainments with family and friends. As the Tourism Ministry reported earlier, the winter season starts in the country...

  • Baku readies itself for the inaugural European Games

    It is a charming city with a rich history and many attractions, although one sight that features prominently across modern Baku is construction work. The city is experiencing rapid growth owing to increased oil investments and ...

  • Hamam tradition in Baku

    Feeling chilly, cold and tired? Lost your cheer in the foggy city? Go to Hamam! The tradition of Hamam is one of the bright and interesting one in Baku. In old times, Hamam was mainly a place for entertainment in the city, where people gathered with...

  • Baku, main destination of Russian tourists

    Russian tourists have again chosen Baku as one of their main destination in CIS. The index of Russian online hotel booking service shows Baku is among top five most popular CIS cities in 2014. Moreover...

  • Art of Kelaghayi production

    At the center of a political, religious and cultural debate, the traditional headscarf worn by many women in the Muslim world has seen a revival in many countries including the largely secular Azerbaijan where the Kelaghayi has been making inroads. If the scarf, called...

  • Wintry spirit of Shahdag national park

    Azerbaijan, a country with numerous national parks that are home to marvelous nature of the region, is a perfect destination for tourists throughout the year. One of the main tourist hubs in Azerbaijan is Shahdag national park in the north of the country...

  • COMCEC session participants informed on results of Armenian occupation policy

    The 30th Session of the Standing Committee for Economic and Commercial Cooperation of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (COMCEC) is underway in Istanbul with the participation of the OIC Member States and relevant OIC, regional and international institutions...

  • Sparkling Baku's skyline

    Baku is an attractive city for tourists throughout a day; however, its night-lights is more interesting for any visitor. These days with their pleasant weather are an ideal time for travelling along Baku streets and enjoying its architecture and historic atmosphere...

  • Azerbaijan Tourism Days held in Hungary

    Azerbaijan Tourism Days was held in Hungary on November 21-22 coorganized by Hungary-Azerbaijan Youth Union (HAYU), Youth Foundation under the Azerbaijani President (YFAP) and the Azerbaijani Embassy in Hungary. Representatives of Hungarian Parliament, Central European...

  • "Lonely Planet Italy" portal calls tourists discover the beauty of Azerbaijan

    "Lonely Planet Italy" portal calls tourists discover the beauty of Azerbaijan. An article posted in "Lonely Planet Italia" portal deals with the tourism potential of Azerbaijan. It is reported that, country's rich energy resources provide a basis for rapid...




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