Baku – Nakhchivan – Baku (1 day-tour)

Day 1. Trip to Nakhchivan.

Sightseeing places in Nakhchivan.  architectural complex Imamzade(XII – XIII в.), mausoleums of Yusuf ibn Kuseyir and Momine Khatun (XII в.), old bath of Ismayil Khan(XVIII в.), Old Fortress (X-XIV в.).

Sightseeing places in Sharur; museum of history and culture, ancient handicrafts, workshops of local masters, Shakhtakhti village, old bridge, mosque and caravansarays.

Visiting the holy place Asabu Kaf, mentioned in Koran.

Return toBaku.





7 December Pressure: 765 mm 8 December 774 mm

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