Baku – Shemakha – Sheki – Baku (2 days/ 1 night )

Day 1.  Trip to Shemakha.

On the way to Shemakha visiting the Diri Baba mausoleum in Maraza.

Sightseeing places in Shemakha; Visiting the Juma Mosque and complex of mausoleums “Yeddi Gumbez” – Seven Domnes.

Excursion in Sheki: panoramic view of the city, visiting the old city (XVIII в.), Sheki Khan’s Palace (XIII в.), museum of history and nature, Caravansaray (XII вв.), workshops of local handicrafts.


Day 2.  Visiting the beautiful place Markhal, Gelersen-Gorersen fortress (VII-IX c.). Excursion to Kish village, visiting the ancient Albanian Church.





5 January Pressure: 767 mm 6 January 765 mm

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